12 Aug

CatCon 2017 – I Went To A Cat Convention!

Today I visited the CatCon LA and it really exceeded my expectations! The event is like Comic-Con…but for cat people, and there is A LOT of cat people in Los Angeles. That I can tell! All ages and all kind of people, and most of them, including me, were using some cat outfit.

The convention has feline-themed activities and products, panels and Meet-and-greets with celebrity cats. It was so fun! Can’t wait for the DogCon next year!

Here is a 10 minutes video with everything I loved there! It’s in Portuguese, no cc in English yet, but the images tell everything you need to know! Check it out:


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Ina Rose Farestad
August 29, 2017

There is a CatCon! Wow! It seems fun. My husband’s cat greats me at the door every time I come. It’s super cute. Because of her, I like cats more now. But when you mentioned DogCon I was like When and where?? I’ll be there 😀

Manon Rinsma
September 8, 2017

Hi Silvia,

Great website! And such a fun post this is. I had no clue there was a Cat Con! I don’t speak Portuguese, but it’s a great idea to add a video clip with what you loved there!


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