16 Sep

Dragon’s Breath in Koreatown – Los Angeles

I found out about this restaurant and realized it was just 10 minutes away from home. I had to try!

The chocolate Chair is located in Koreatown. It has the famous dessert: Dragon’s breath, which is actually.. just a liquid nitrogen infused fruity cereal puff.

The flavor isn’t amazing, but when you bite into it, smoke comes out of your mouth and nose, which is super fun. You can also purchase dipping sauces, it makes it taste better. They sell other stuff much tastier, like the real ice cream and macaroons

You don’t need to buy more than one Dragon’s Breath dessert if you are in a small group, the cup has plenty to share. Do not drink the liquid nitrogen!! They have signs all around reminding you that.

One fun fact about the Chocolate Chair is that they sell skin care… lol kind of. They share the space with this beauty store called The Face Shop and there is no partition.

Fun concept. If you are around Koreatown it’s worth a try!



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