Dona Moça Eventos – Web serie

Inspired by the book “Senhora” by José de Alencar, “Dona Moça” tells the story of Aurelia Camargo, an event producer who, after a long life, rose in the business world and became the most famous and sought-after promoter of the high Society of São Paulo. Besides her best friend, Fifi Mascarenhas, she runs the agency Dona Moça. With the excess of work, she finds herself obliged to hire an assistant, who to the general surprise turns out to be her old love, Fernando, who in the past changed her to a young socialite. The forced coexistence will bring to light a series of memories and all sorts of feelings repressed and forgotten for almost a decade, at the same time that affects all the characters around them. The adaptation brings a modern light to a classic Brazilian literature, retelling the story in a way that readers and viewers of today can identify. In this way, anyone who has read can reimagine the plot in another context, and new readers can be drawn to the classic, to know the original content.

The narrative takes place on five different platforms:

Youtube: This is where most of the story unfolds. In the main channel, we follow the routine and the events in Dona Moça Events through a vlog produced by Aurelia and Fifi. This is where most of the characters appear and interact. In the “Nic Laboratory”, viewers can learn a little of Fernando’s family life in parallel through the amateur cooking program created by his younger sister.

Twitter and Instagram: All characters have profiles active on social networks, where they interact with each other and with the audience. Its main function is to accompany them in real time and complement the narrative with events quoted between one video and another.

Blog: Dona Moça’s official website in the universe of history. Maintained by Aurelia and Fifi, it complements topics covered in the videos, such as event production, fashion, and etiquette.

8tracks: Fifi and Nic maintain active profiles on the music network, where they create and share playlists that help tell their moods and complement certain narrative points.